Ashmolean Museum Oxford

Wisteria Premium Print


A premium print featuring Wisteria by Wu Changshuo (1844-1927), ink and colour on paper.

Wisteria vines were frequently depicted in the art of Wu Changshuo, who expertly captured the intricate tangles and abundant clusters of flowers in his paintings.

Wu Changshuo was a renowned Chinese seal carver, painter, and calligrapher known for his use of bright colours and sharp contrasts. Born on September 12, 1844 in Zhejiang, China, his early life was spent writing poetry and carving seals for stamping documents. Wu notably did not start painting until the age of 30. His unique approach to art, later known as the 'Wu style', was inspired by traditional calligraphic techniques.

Supplied unframed, these prints have a pearl finish, come with a backing board and are sealed in a clear cellophane pocket. It fits perfectly into one of our A3 print frames.

Exclusive to the Ashmolean Museum.

Dimensions: 29.7 x 42cm