The Artist's Studio: A Cultural History

by James Hall


A comprehensive exploration of the artist’s studio throughout history, delving into the truth and fiction surrounding the creative environment from ancient times to the present day.

Throughout history, the artist's studio has been both a physical and imagined place, encompassing an idealized paradise and a gruelling environment of labour. Descriptions, artwork, and photographs of these studios often portray a distorted version of reality rather than pure documentation. This insightful cultural history traces the evolution of the studio from its roots in Ancient Greece to the modern era.

Each chapter of The Artist's Studio: A Cultural History explores the evolution of the studio space, tracing its roots beyond the bohemian, romantic, and renaissance movements. Through a diverse collection of images, both familiar and unfamiliar, key developments are analysed in-depth, providing a comprehensive view of the studio's cultural significance. The carefully selected examples in this book are contextualized within the cultural and political background, with the goal of addressing the historical bias towards overlooking the contributions of collaborating artisans.

Noted art critic, historian, and authority James Hall also delves into the artist's museum and home, as well as the practice of plein air painting and the evolution of portable studios.

This book contains 125 beautifully detailed illustrations.


Book contains: 288 pages.

Dimensions: 25 x 17.3 x 3.3cm