Reconnect With Nature Cards


Whether you live between skyscrapers or in the suburbs, it’s easy to become disconnected from nature. But even in a concrete jungle, nature is still present.

This deck offers 100 ways to rediscover and reconnect with the natural world, with plenty of ideas that are easy to integrate into your everyday life, from taking your lunch outside to mindful walking and community gardening. Learn about getting involved in seed exchanges, forest bathing, or how to become a citizen scientist, and find great ways to help with conservation efforts because no matter where we live, we can all heal with nature as we help it heal.

Jo Stewart's eloquent guidance within this deck serves as a compass, gently nudging you to pause, breathe, and savour the beauty that exists in every leaf, every breeze, and every ray of sunshine.

Dimensions: 10.64 x 3.02 x 14.3cm