Netsuke Figurine


These Netsuke reproductions are hand-carved from boxwood and each one is signed by the carver.

Until the 19th century all Japanese citizens wore a kimono, fastened by an obi sash. Small personal items such as purses, pipes or medicine containers were hung from the sash by silk cords. The cord was threaded through a bead, or ojime, then tucked behind the kimono sash and secured with a small ornamental toggle or counterweight called a netsuke.

We have an assortment of subjects ranging from Buddhas, Dragons, Masks, Gods, Farmers, Labourers, Ladies, Nudes and all sorts of animals: Cat, Dog, Pig, Frog, Turtle, Rat, Monkey, Elephant, Rhino, Horse, Tiger, Duck, Rabbit, Fish, Birds and maybe others such as Camel, Kangaroo, Lizard. If you have preferred subjects, please email or call to get a list of designs currently in stock.

Materials: Boxwood

Dimensions: Sizes vary between 2.5cm to 6cm in all dimensions