Ashmolean Museum Oxford

Master Drawings

by Jon Whiteley and Catherine Whistler


The history of drawing, in common with the history of much else, is the history of what has survived.'

In the sixteenth century, drawings came to be valued as works of art in their own right. In recognition of this, collectors through time have ensured the preservation of countless drawings. This book takes us through the process of drawing as a functional art of lines. Through the journey from figure to landscape, sketch to meticulously detailed piece and from the artist's studio to the collector's vast portfolio, the exhibition examines what has survived and raises questions about the value of what has been lost.

Examining the value of a drawing, the book charters the growth in appreciation of this undefined form and offers insight into the vision of both the artist and the collector. This 184 page catalogue features all the prints on display in the 2013 Ashmolean Master Drawings exhibition.


Book contains: 184 pages.

Dimensions: 28 x 22cm