Ashmolean Museum Oxford

Hunt in the Forest Chiffon Silk Scarf


An exclusive handmade chiffon silk scarf featuring dogs inspired by one of the Ashmolean's highlight objects, the painting Hunt in the Forest by the Florentine painter and mathematician Paolo Uccello. 

This scarf has been uniquely designed for the Ashmolean Museum. The hunting dogs from the painting have been isolated and set against a pale blue background.

The Hunt in the Forest was painted by 15th-century Italian Renaissance artist Paolo Ucello, who was celebrated in his lifetime as a painter of perspective and of animals and landscape, Uccello was a versatile artist who worked at times on mosaic and stained glass design. This painting is a late work, probably of c.1470. It is a highly original painting, both as a nocturnal landscape and as a brilliantly structured composition.

Credit: The Hunt in the Forest, Paolo di Dono, called Uccello (1397–1475)
c. 1465–1470 © Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford

Materials: 100% Silk chiffon

Dimensions: 180 x 55cm