Ashmolean Museum Oxford

Hunt In The Forest Magnet


This magnet is panormamic in shape, designed to capture the beauty of Paolo Uccello's seminal artwork, and of the Ashmolean's highlight objects, The Hunt in the Forest.

The magnetic backing allows it to be fixed to any metallic surface with ease.

Paolo di Dono was celebrated in his lifetime as a master of perspective, and of animals and landscape; his nickname, Uccello (‘Bird’), alludes to his depictions of the natural world. He was a versatile designer, working at times on mosaic and stained glass commissions and all of these interests are fused in this masterpiece. Uccello mapped out a grid on the panel's surface, fixing a central vanishing point. The devices of the huntsmen's spears, the cut branches and logs and the area of water denote this coherent space, inhabited by the receding forms of men and animals; our gaze is drawn deep into the forest.

Dimensions: H 4cm x W 12cm