Holbein: Masters of Art

by Florian Heine


Gain insight into the extensive work of German-Swiss painter and printmaker Hans Holbein's career through this overview of the renowned 16th-century master portraitist's work.

During the 16th century, Europe experienced a remarkable growth in its economy, extensive trade between cultures, religious turbulence, conflicts between empires, and breakthroughs in science. With frequent access to Henry VIII's court, Hans Holbein was able to closely observe the political drama and intrigue, and his intricate and descriptive portraits reveal significant insights into the lives of the aristocracy.

This volume includes numerous full-page reproductions of Holbein's most significant pieces, accompanied by extensive commentary that delves into his expertly crafted portraits of notable European figures like Thomas More, Erasmus, and Thomas Cromwell.


Book contains: 112 pages.

Dimensions: 21 x 17.1 x 0.9 cm