History Heroes: Romans Card Game


Test your knowledge about all things Roman with this set of beautifully illustrated interactive quiz game cards.

Uncover the facts behind the Romans and their Gods and expand your understanding of the most prominent figures in Roman history and the 12 most important Roman Gods on 40 amusingly designed cards, filled with informative details and accurate facts about them. Learn the differences between your Caesar's and your Claudius' to your Jupiter's and your Juno's. Find out which emperor made it a capital offence to mention a goat in his presence…and why!

Explore the great range of Roman characters this fun brainteasing game has to offer, from rulers like Julius Caesar to the first Roman emperor, Augustus; the conqueror of Britain Claudius; the first emperor to wear a beard, Hadrian; and the first Roman emperor from Africa, Septimius Severus, who died in York. Foreign rulers, who defied the Romans’ rule are in the game too such as Cleopatra and Boudica. Gladiators, male and female, are also included, like the iconic Spartacus. In this game you can learn more about how he became such a legend in Roman history.

Discover just how much of our present world, knowledge and history comes directly from those ancient times. Guess the 'ROMAN' or 'ROMAN GOD' to win a card, and get the most cards to win the game! A fun quiz card game to educate and entertain all ages.

Suitable for 2-6 players, ages 8+

Dimensions: 8.5cm x 14cm x 2cm