Japanese Lucky Cat


The Japanese Lucky Cat is the most popular lucky charm in Japanese culture. They are traditionally called maneki-neko, which literally translates to beckoning cat; their characteristically upright paw is said to beckon good fortune for their owner.

There are three options available and each has it's own meaning:

  • Green Feng Shui Study lucky cat is believed to bring you good luck and success with studies.
  • Gold Feng Shui Good Fortune lucky cat is believed to bring prosperity to your business and you good fortune.
  • White Feng Shui Happiness lucky cat is believed to bring prosperity and happiness.
  • Black Feng Shui Good Health lucky cat is believed to help one improve life by receiving positive chi or life energy.

The white Japanese kanji characters on the red box on the left mean good luck.

Please select the design you would like using the drop down menu.

Cat size: 5.5cm / 2.5 inches tall

Materials: Ceramic

Dimensions: 6cm x 6cm x 7.5cm (box dimensions)