Enamel Ginkgo Leaf Silk Tie


The Enamel Ginkgo Leaf silk tie features a captivating design inspired by a Fabergé gold, enamel, and diamond encrusted cigarette case. This particular cigarette case was created c.1910 at the zenith of La Belle Époque.

Peter Carl Fabergé (1846-1920) was renowned for his exquisite and ornate Fabergé eggs, created for the Russian imperial family. His meticulous craftsmanship and innovative techniques elevated him to international fame, epitomising luxury and opulence. The cigarette case from which the design for this silk tie is derived, displays one of many opulent designs applied to utilitarian objects popular at the time and very much aimed at elite members of society.

Since 2001, Fox & Chave has been creating beautifully unique, hand-finished, silks inspired by the arts, history and the natural world under the auspices of managing director Jemima Haddock. Patterns are timeless, colourful, interesting and made from the highest quality silks, in a variety of proportions and weights with every piece of Fox & Chave silk finished by hand.

Materials: 100% Silk Twill

Dimensions: 150 x 8cm