Enamel Gingko Leaf Crêpe de Chine Scarf


Made from silk crêpe de chine, this scarf features a stunning gold ginkgo leaf pattern on a rich royal blue background.

The intricate design is inspired by a Russian jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé and is reminiscent of an enamel, gold and pearl inlaid cigarette case. 

Its lightweight and elongated shape make it perfect for year-round wear and endless styling possibilities.

Since 2001, Fox & Chave has been creating beautifully unique, hand-finished, silks inspired by the arts, history and the natural world under the auspices of managing director Jemima Haddock. Patterns are timeless, colourful, interesting and made from the highest quality silks, in a variety of proportions and weights with every piece of Fox & Chave silk finished by hand.

Materials: 100% Crêpe de chine silk

Dimensions: 150 x 35cm