Egyptian Gods Animal Masks Crafting Kit


Unleash your inner deity with this Ancient Egyptian animal gods mask crafting set, perfect for creating your own god or goddess persona. Explore the world of Egyptian mythology by crafting these animal masks, inspired by the ancient gods who took on animal forms, and use the included activity sheet to learn more about these fascinating mystical figures.

Create four beautifully illustrated Egyptian animal god masks. Make Anubis the jackal, Bastet the cat, Hathor the cow and Horus the falcon. In addition to creating 4 different masks resembling some of the most famous Egyptian gods, this set allows you (or any young aspiring Egyptologists) to learn all about Ancient Egypt with the fun activity sheet included in the pack. Read fun facts about each god, match their image to their namesake, play a game of connections between each god's name and their special power, and create your very own Egyptian god and goddess by coming up with your own drawing, name, and power.

This children's arts and crafts game promotes development in hand eye coordination and interactive play whilst providing cultural and historical learning of Ancient Egypt and its religion.

This pack contains: 4 x Masks, 4 x Noses and 1 x Instruction / Activity sheet. Easy to make with no glue or scissors needed.

Suitable for ages 5+. Not suitable for ages 0-3 due to small parts hazard.

Materials: Sustainable sources with FSC® certified paper/card

Dimensions: 23.5 x 17.4 x 0.5 cm