Design: A Very Short Introduction

by John Heskett


Experience the world of design in a whole new way with this informative and objective overview. Beyond simply aesthetics, this concise guide explores how individuals and cultures personalise objects to reflect their identities and aspirations. Discover how the combination of need and desire can result in practical objects that truly represent the user.

Discover the vital role that design plays in our everyday lives with Author John Heskett's insightful perspective. From the spoon we use for breakfast to the car we drive to work, and even the life-saving medical equipment, design is an integral part of our daily routines. This very short introduction covers all forms of design: product, industrial, fashion, advertising, websites, and graphic design.

Design: A Very Short Introduction also reveals how simple objects, such as a toothpick, can have their design modified to suit the specific cultural behaviour in different countries. Gain fascinating insights into the design processes of leading companies like Nokia, Ford, and Sony, and learn about the far-reaching potential of design, including the author's vision for the purpose and importance of design in the future.


Book contains: 176 pages.

Dimensions: 17.53 x 1.27 x 10.67 cm