Deb Stoner: Flora Boxed Notecards


Give a floral bouquet that will last throughout the seasons with details from four of artist and photographer Deb Stoner's large-scale photographs, reproduced for this set of 20 notecards.

Through the use of a flatbed scanner in lieu of a camera, Deb Stoner meticulously captures every intricate detail of her floral still life's, from the vivid tones of a flower's petals to the delicate strands of its stem. Although the flora and fauna featured in her work are typically sourced from her own garden, she also incorporates elements graciously provided by her neighbours and friends, truly making these arrangements a reflection of her home and community.

This notecard box includes five copies of each of the following designs: Clematis on the Fourth of July (detail), 2018 Magnolia and Snowbells (detail), 2015 Delphinium and Rue (detail), 2014 Siri’s Lilac with Dandelions and Columbine (detail), and 2016. For a total of 20 blank notecards with envelopes. 

Materials: 250gsm card

Dimensions: 12.7 x 17.8 cm