Cocktails, A Still Life

by Christine Sismondo and James Waller


This elegant cocktail book combines mixology with fine art, featuring a collection of drink recipes and a rich history of beverages accompanied by beautiful still-life oil paintings. Elevate your drinking experience to an "art" form with this stunning book.

Cocktails, A Still Life brings together the work of still-life artist Todd M. Casey, journalist Christine Sismondo, and author James Waller. With 60 of Casey’s contemporary hand-painted images paired with multiple mouth-watering cocktail recipes, this collaborative cocktail collection offers a satisfying deep-dive into each drink complete with a classic cocktail recipe and a painted artistic visualisation. According to the saying, 'We drink first with our eyes'. If you view drinking as an art form, then pairing cocktails with still-life oil paintings is a logical progression.

Each drink tells a story, making this a truly unique cocktail-making guide attracting the eye, mind, and palate. Separated into five sections, from Daytime Drinking to Aperitivo Hour, Cocktail Party and Celebration finishing off with After Dinner/Nightcap this cocktail book makes the perfect present for any gifting season and appeals not just to 'cocktail nerds', but to people who enjoy both finely crafted art and finely crafted alcoholic drinks.

Recipes include:  

  • Bloody Mary 
  • Daiquiri
  • Gimlet
  • Mai Tai 
  • Negroni 
  • French 75 
  • Mint Julep 
  • Egg Nog
  • Brandy Alexander 
  • Irish Coffee

And more...


Book contains: 192 pages.

Dimensions: 23.6 x 18.5 x 2.2cm