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Ashmolean Museum Oxford

Ashmolean Dry Gin 70cl

by The Oxford Artisan Distillery


Ashmolean Gin is full of inspiration from the Museum, and all the origins of the museum's collections are present in this bottle through its botanicals and flavours. The gin is perfect for a dinner party, at home or as a gift for someone special.

This gin is flavoured with 17 botanicals including exotic jara lemon, rose, jasmine, and spices from the Middle East and Asia. Full tasting and juniper-led, with an intriguing note of cardamom and myrrh, it finishes with a clean and lingering taste of orris and lemongrass. 

The bottle illustration is 'Spray of Morning Glory', by Takeuchi Seiho (1864 - 1942), part of our Eastern Art Collection.

Created from grain to glass by The Oxford Artisan Distillery.

Please be aware that this gin may appear cloudy under specific temperatures. The flavour in gin comes from the oils in the botanicals that are only soluble in alcohol. Once gin is a water/alcohol mixture, more oils will mean these are not so soluble causing the cloudiness in the liquid. The more the flavour, the cloudier the gin. The Oxford Artisan Distillery only use the freshest of the botanicals and has packed the Ashmolean Gin full of flavour.

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Ingredients: 40% ABV.

Allergy Information: Contains Alcohol.