Art Gallery Board Game


Experience the world of fine art and compete for the most famous paintings in the world with the Art Gallery board game. Known for its magnificent collection and top-notch tours, this sophisticated game will challenge your strategic skills.

Prepare for the opening of a new exhibition start: Slip into the role of a tour guide, visit the museum rooms and study the paintings as best you can.

Choose the best route through the museum, bid on the works of art, and find a coherent sequence.  Those who succeed in doing this can present their tour to inquisitive tourists at the end and receive commendation and take the win.

Includes: 1 x Board, 48 x Painting Card, 48 x Painting Souvenir Tiles, 54 x Action Cards, 6 Game Pieces, 24 x Game Markers, 1 x Score Pad, 1 x Start Card

A great Strategy board game to play with family and friends, for 2-6 Players, age 10+.  

Materials: FSC Mix Paper

Dimensions: 31 x 31 x 8cm