Ashmolean Museum Oxford

Manju Nestsuke

by Joyce Seaman


This catalogue is the first to be published on the subject of manju netsuke and provides an extensive guide to the Ashmolean Museum's fine collection of manju.

These were mostly acquired between 1970 and 2000 by the late Dr Monica Barnett, who subsequently bequeathed them to the the museum. It includes essays on the history and uses of manju, materials, carving techniques and sources of designs.

The book aims to provide a description of each object and to explain the tales they illustrate and the sources of these tales, from literature and printed picture books. The book is divided into eight themed sections according to subject matter. Each catalogue entry has a detailed description of the motif or story depicted and full colour photographs of both surfaces. A handy appendix includes colour photographs of the artists' signatures and brief biographies.


Book contains: 320 pages.

Dimensions: 22.76 x 3.2 x 28.52cm