Chinese Pagoda Brainteaser Puzzle


A real brainteaser, this wooden puzzle is based on the ancient design of a Chinese pagoda. Manipulate each of the seven layers and tilt the tower to move the coloured balls inside, until each column is all the same colour in this ornate tower puzzle.

Ever since the 5th century AD, Chinese pagodas have been renowned for their breath-taking views for those who ascend their heights, as evidenced by numerous poems in Chinese literature that hail the grandeur of these impressive buildings.

Enhance your critical thinking skills with this engaging Chinese pagoda brainteaser puzzle, crafted from durable wood. This premium puzzle is the ideal choice for those seeking thoughtful gifts for women or men. With solid wood parts and clever design, this eye-catching tower makes a beautiful home decoration when it’s not being solved.

Suitable for age 8+. Not suitable for children 0-3 due to the small parts.

Materials: Wood

Dimensions: 9 x 7.2 x 19.5 cm