Ashmolean Museum Oxford

Alfred Jewel Torque Bracelet

The Bill Skinner Studio


Inspired by items in the Ashmolean Museum’s vast collection of art and artefacts, our stunning bracelets and bangles make ideal gifts for just about any occasion. Crafted for long lasting wearability, every piece in the Ashmolean Museum shop’s jewellery range makes history wearable, allowing the owner to adorn their day to day outfit with something beautiful that also has real historical significance.

If you’ve ever been inspired by the fashions of Ancient Egypt or wished you could turn a favourite Medieval piece into a wearable modern age bauble there is bound to be something in the Ashmolean Museum shop’s jewellery collection that will catch your eye.

From stunning yet simple beaded bracelets to statement gold bangle bracelet designs, the Ashmolean offers something for every style, every interest and every occasion, from a wedding day to a special evening out or simply to brighten your everyday uniform of jeans and a T-shirt. Each bracelet takes its lead from the museum’s own collection, with its more than 200,000 items, ranging from prehistoric sun discs dating to as far back as 2500 BC to impressionist paintings daubed in the early 20th century, via elaborate Egyptian mummies, stately Greek tombs and royal Anglo Saxon treasures.

Working with celebrated jewellery design brands, including the Bill Skinner Studio and Ottoman Hands, the Ashmolean Museum shop has created a collection of wearable fine jewellery, including bracelets and bangles, necklaces, earrings and cufflinks, as well as brooches and rings, that will stand the test of time just like the historic artefacts that they’ve been based on, such as the Ashmolean’s beloved Alfred Jewel. Real conversation starters, these unique jewellery pieces are manufactured from high quality materials and made with great care meaning that they’ll be loved and worn for many years to come.

Founded in 1682, Oxford’s famed Ashmolean Museum was opened to the public the very next year, becoming Britain’s first public museum and the world’s first university museum. Displaying a wide variety of important historic treasures, including Guy Fawkes’s lantern, already owned by Oxford University when the museum was first founded, and the famed Watlington Hoard, discovered as recently as 2015, the Ashmolean’s collection is ever growing. The museum’s permanent and temporary collections alike provide inspiration for the craftspeople and designers who create special, high quality pieces like these bracelets for customers of the Ashmolean Museum shop.

Exclusive to the Ashmolean Museum.

Materials: 14k gold plated brass & enamel

Dimensions: Adjustable