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Universal Pocket Sundial


Capture time in the palm of your hand.

This sundial was invented in c.1600, by William Oughtred. An amazing innovator and scientist, he popularised the ‘x’ symbol that we use today for multiplication, and invented the slide rule – an early type of calculator.

This beautiful sundial is produced by a family of Austrian watchmakers. Made of solid brass and steel, it is a contemporary take on the historic originals in our collection. The result is breath-taking accuracy, estimated by experts to be consistently better than +/- 10 minutes vs. the true solar time!

Weight: 40g

Includes 10 language instruction manual.

Comes with an organic cork inlay within an elegant white slider case.

The outer and inner rings can be folded together for easy transport.

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Material: Solid brass, steel, ink coating

Dimensions: 60mm Dia

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