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Typex's Rembrandt is a graphic biography of the life and works of Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. Typex (the pseudonym of Raymond Koot) brings the old masters to life in his cartoon-style retelling of their lives. Rembrandt was born in Leiden in 1606, and he led a rackety kind of life, mostly as a result of his own compulsive spending. His wife, Saskia, lost three children early on, and died herself in 1642, a year after she had their son, Titus. After this, Rembrandt fell first for his baby's nurse, Geertje Dircx, and then for a servant, Hendrickje Stoffels, at which point Geertje took him to court for breach of his promise to marry her. Rembrandt retaliated by accusing her of pawning some of Saskia's jewellery, and later got her sent to a house of correction. Afterwards, he and Hendrickje lived happily together, though he couldn't afford to marry her; Saskia's will dictated that his share of her family fortune would be lost if he were ever to remarry. In 1656 he was forced to apply for bankruptcy, and his collection of paintings were sold off for a pittance. The story goes that he was so hard up he even sold Saskia's grave. Nevertheless, he continued to shop, even trying to buy himself a Holbein, as you do. He died in 1669.

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