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These T-shirts have been designed in collaboration with Enrico Isamu Oyama using the FFIGURATI #273 created specifically for the Tokyo: Art & Photography exhibition.   ‘Tokyo is clean, minimal, convenient and vibrant. It is also an intense, sometimes stressful place, which actually produces a unique creativity. My work is essentially influenced by the environment of Tokyo.’ - Enrico Isamu Oyama   Their chain-like abstract forms convey a feeling of fast, organic growth. This transience corresponds to the fluidity of urban culture and Tokyo’s continuous cycles of construction and destruction. FFIGURATI is a term coined by the artist that links ‘graffiti’ and the Italian expression ‘figura ti’ (literally ‘figure it out yourself’). Oyama, born and raised in Tokyo and now based in New York and Tokyo, became interested in aerosol writing in the early 2000s. He has created a large number of FFIGURATI works internationally. Enrico Isamu Oyama (b.1982)
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Black & White T-shirt FFIGURATI #273, 2021
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