Sir John Evans 1893-1908 (Hardback)

The figure of Sir John Evans might stand as an exemplar for so many aspects of Victorian virtue. Having set out on a career in his uncle's paper-mills as a clerk, he rose by hard work and astute judgment (not to mention advantageous marriage) to direct the company and to exercise influence in the national paper industry.

Something of a phenomenon amongst the learned societies in London, he held at times the treasurership of the Royal Society and the presidency of the Numismatic Society, the Geological Society, the Society of Antiquaries and the Egypt Exploration Society. His involvement in all these areas, and in the establishment of important protocols for the communication of research results, are examined here by fourteen specialist authors to form the first-ever assessment of Evans's enduring significance.

The result is an easily readable but scholarly volume, illustrated with over sixty plates, that firmly establishes Evans's place amongst the most significant figures in late Victorian society.
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Antiquity, Commerce and Natural Science in the age of Darwin.
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