Sensation: Rembrandt's First Paintings Concertina Card

This fold-out concertina card introduces the 'Senses' - the earliest surviving works of the most revered painter of the Dutch Golden Age. The pieces were created between 1624 and 1625, when Rembrandt was still a teenager. They are a part of a series depicting the five senses, which were traditionally illustrated as female figures (e.g. a woman holding a flower to symbolise 'smell'), but from the 17th century onwards they were portrayed through genre scenes featuring debauched peasants to show the moralising truth that over-indulgence in any of the senses could result in sin. Rembrandt's four surviving panels depict Touch (The Stone Operation); Smell (The Unconscious Patient); Hearing (The Three Singers); and Sight (A Pedlar Selling Spectacles). The whereabouts of the fifth panel - Taste - is currently unknown, but the four remaining panels have been reunited after The Unconscious Patient (Smell) was rediscovered in 2015.
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