W.S. Rice Watercolours Notecard Box

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A pack of notecards, featuring artworks by William S Rice.

Each pack contains five each of the following notecards: Mirror Lake, Yosemite Valley 1901, Armstrong Grove - Guerneville, Afternoon Sunlight 1909, A Glimpse Thru the Pines, Deer Park 1915, and A Sentinel of the Timberline.

Perhaps best known for his California block prints, Arts and Crafts artist William S. Rice was also a brilliant watercolorist. He would make his name there as an artist and devoted educator, using his skillfully drafted drawings as instructive tools.

His work as a teacher allowed ample time for travel and art, and Rice usually painted en plein air, faithfully recording the beauty of the western landscape, as shown in the four landscapes reproduced for this set of notecards.

Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 17cm