Ashmolean Museum Oxford

Fang Zhaoling 1914-2006

by Shelagh Vainker and Yi Chen


Fang Zhaoling (1914-2006) was one of the foremost women artists of 20th-century China.

Born in Wuxi in Jiangsu province, she was educated privately at home and later attended school in Shanghai and university in the UK, at Manchester. She married in 1938 and after several difficult years in war-torn China she and her husband settled in Hong Kong. Following his early death in 1950 Fang Zhaoling resumed the painting studies of her youth and counted among her teachers leading artists such as Zhao Shao'ang and Zhang Daqian.

In the 1950s she studied at Oxford, and she spent much of the following decade in London. Throughout her career she exhibited widely and travelled extensively. She experimented with abstract styles but always remained true to the traditions of Chinese ink paintings, which she often made contemporary through her choices of humanitarian and environmental subjects.


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