Creativity: A Very Short Introduction

by Vlad Glăveanu


This Very Short Introduction delves into the origins, concepts, and implementation of creativity through a psychological lens. Examining the diverse forms of creative expression throughout time, ranging from high art to marketing campaigns, and analysing the driving factors behind our creation of original works and the influence it has on our society's development.

Throughout history, creative expression has been a means for humanity to connect with others, enrich our collective culture, develop a sense of self, and find significance in our lives. From ancient painted caves and the initial development of tools to contemporary advertising strategies and labs of inventors, the concept of creativity has a lengthy past and a brief history. The term 'creativity' was first introduced into the English language during the 19th century, but it was not widely used until the 20th century.

Author Vlad Glăveanu explores the essence and evolution of the creative process, as well as examining the motivations behind our production of creative works. providing a sociocultural interpretation, the author delves into the societal, material, and historical influences that shape creative individuals and their creations. This perspective highlights the significance of creativity beyond its impact on the economy and our individual lives.


Book contains: 144 pages.

Dimensions: 17.53 x 1.27 x 10.67 cm