Ashmolean NOW Flora Tote


The abstracted image on this limited edition tote bag is of Flora Yukhnovich's first painting that she made in response to the Ashmolean’s Dutch and Flemish still life paintings of the 17th Century.

Circular forms in red and pink suggest organic growth, while glowing light and dark contrasts create an illusion of three-dimensional depth. The title I Might Have Known It Would be Red hints at a quotation from the horror film Carrie (1976), in which a bullied teenage girl develops telekinetic powers and takes revenge. Yukhnovich is interested in different notions of femininity in the history of art and popular culture, looking at contrasting stereotypes like ‘virtuous’ and ‘monstrous’ women.

Exclusive to the Ashmolean Museum.

Materials: 100% cotton

Dimensions: 42 x 37cm