Orange Candle Nagpuri Narangi


These organic candles are lovingly hand-poured, using natural soy wax. The goodness of soy wax lies in the fact that it is a renewable resource that's not only toxin-free, but burns much longer as well. Lead-free cotton wicks add to their eco-friendly composition. Gently infused with the exquisite fragrance of natural essential oils, these candles are sure to brighten up your spirits.

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  • Organic Goodness Soy Candle in Amber Colored Glass Decanter
  • This tantalizing citrusy scent of fresh oranges infuses the ambience with its vibrant energy and vitality.
  • Its fragrance works like a charm to uplift and rejuvenate the mind.
  • The scented candle is prepared with essential oils and natural soy wax.
  • Burn Time: 60 Hours - 200 g.
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