Medium Furoshiki Hanging Poles

Authentic Japanese hanging poles are specially designed for hanging and displaying Japanese Furoshiki. Furoshiki are made from 100% pure woven cotton and are highly decorative Japanese wrapping cloths that were traditionally used to carry clothes, gifts, or other goods.

These hanging poles comprise of two dark wooden poles which are split in half which trap the top and bottom of the fabric and cord which enables the fabric to be hung from the top and also sealed around the bottom pole. You can use these poles for fabric which is not wider than 54cm or 21 inches wide and not more than 2 or 3mm thick. Made in Japan.

Size: 60cm long x 2cm diametre / 23.5 x 1 inches.
Max fabric width 54cm /21 inches and 2-3mm thick.

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Size 60cm x 2cm / 23.5 x 1 in. Max fabric width 54cm /21 in., 2-3mm thick.
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