Malcolm Morley At The Ashmolean


Leading British-born, American artist, Malcolm Morley is one of the seminal figures of international contemporary art. He is acknowledged as one of the founders of hyper-realism, developed as a counterpoint to Pop Art in the 1960s, while also as an artist who deliberately broke away from the stylistic discoveries that brought him this initial fame.

Over the past fifty years, Morley has continued to progress towards a highly colourful, continuously evolving, individual and expressive style of painting. As idiosyncratically erudite as J.M.W. Turner was in his own time, Morley was the first ever winner of Tate's now famous Turner Prize in 1984.

Malcolm Morley at the Ashmolean: Paintings and Drawings from the Hall Collection has been published in conjunction with an exhibition curated by Sir Norman Rosenthal of approximately thirty paintings and drawings dating from 1964 to the present, from the collection of Andy and Christine Hall. The show is the first of a series of exhibitions of contemporary and post-war art realised in collaboration with the Hall Art Foundation - allowing the Ashmolean, the world's oldest encyclopedic museum, to present the art of our time.

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