Hokusai: Great Wave Journal

Combining high-quality production with magnificent fine art, the cover is printed on foil in five colours, embossed, then foil stamped. Powerfully practical; a pocket at the back for receipts and scraps, two bookmarks and a solid magnetic side flap all add to the appeal of this ruled-page journal. Perfect for personal use, or makes a dazzling gift. Features Hokusai’s famous and well-loved The Great Wave.

The most notable period in Hokusai's artistic life was the latter part of his career, beginning in 1830 when he was 70 years old. He began the series of landscapes he is most famous for: 'Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji', which included The Great Wave, off Kanagawa, probably his most iconic image.

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Ruled pages

Dimensions: 210 x 148 x 17 mm

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