The name Stradivarius has long evoked the idea of creative genius. Antonio Stradivari (c.1644-1737) is the creator of the classic model and his craft celebrates intrinsic beauty and powerful melody. The Ashmolean exhibition will, surprisingly, be the first major showing of his work in Britain. In every case, the twenty-one instruments discussed are the finest and most beautiful of their kind. This book makes a landmark contribution to the existing literature on Stradivari and provides an insight into the Stradivari vision through the turbulent tales and examination of the mysterious qualities that contribute to the immortal reputation enjoyed by Stradivari's instruments among players and audiences across the world. With a foreword by virtuoso violinist and Stradivarius player, James Ehnes, the catalogue also features essays by world-renowned luthier and expert, Charles Beare, obe; his son, Peter Beare; the luthier and violin historian, Carlo Chiesa; and Dr Jon Whiteley of the Ashmolean Museum. New catalogue entries record the fascinating stories of the instruments' provenance and the details of their manufacture. Fresh photography has been completed by Tucker Densley with an expertise that is familiar throughout the violin world.
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