Cranes, Cycads & Wisteria Print

Cranes, Cycads & Wisteria Print
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11"x14" mini print of Cranes, Cycads and Wisteria by Suzuki Shōnen, unframed.


A beautiful reproduction of Cranes, Cycads and Wisteria by Suzuki Shōnen, from the Ashmolean collection.

This superb hanging was presented to the Ashmolean Museum in 1958 by Sir Herbert Ingram, who travelled to Japan on his honeymoon in 1908. It is possible that this piece was purchased then. Cranes were popular symbols of longevity and a perfect subject for a newly-married couple. The trailing wisteria blossoms are carefully placed to disguise the joins between the four panels of this hanging.

Supplied unframed, this 11"x14" print comes with a backing board and is sealed in a clear cellophane pocket. Fits perfectly into one of our 11"x14" mini print frames.


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