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Iconotypes: A Compendium of Butterflies and Moths


Jones' Iconotypesis a beautiful six-volume manuscript containing paintings of some of the most important butterfly and moth collections at the end of the eighteenth century. Held in the archive of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, the volumes contain over 1500 ink and gouache paintings representing 760 species from around the world.

Contextual commentary by specialist entomologist Richard I. Vane-Wright gives an account of Jones’s life and his motivation for collecting butterflies and creating the Icones, and evaluates the significance of his work. Interspersed at intervals between the pages of Jones’s paintings are modern maps showing the location of each species painted, and expert essays on the development of lepidoptery and taxonomy after Linneaus, and the roles of collectors and natural history artists from the late 1700s to mid-1800s.

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Format: 688-page hardcover

Dimensions: 188 x 252 mm

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