A Drinking Party Greeting Card

One of the last great masters of the Japanese ukiyo-e style of woodblock prints and painting, Utagawa Kuniyoshi produced 9 woodblock prints depicting personified goldfish. Kuniyoshi used this style to convey the middle class people of Japan in a humourous manner, and many of whom were able to relate to the settings and activities shown on the images themselves.

This single greeting card reproduces 'A Drinking Party' - one goldfish plays the shamisen, whilst others dance with a tadpole.

All Ashmolean branded cards packs are made from paper sourced from sustainable forests, and come in a biodegradeable cellophane wrap.

Buy 3 packs for £7.50. Mix and match offer available on all Ashmolean branded greeting cards, subject to availability.

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Dimensions: 125 x 180mm
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