Wilton Diptych Silk Tie


This silk tie showcases a section of the Wilton Diptych, a 14th century religious artwork commissioned by King Richard II of England. The artist's identity remains a mystery, but they are believed to be of French or English origin.

The painted portable altarpiece will be shown at The Ashmolean Museum from 10th May to 1st September, as part of The National Galleries: National Treasures project, part of their 200th Birthday celebrations.

Since 2001, Fox & Chave has been creating beautifully unique, hand-finished, silks inspired by the arts, history and the natural world under the auspices of managing director Jemima Haddock. Patterns are timeless, colourful, interesting and made from the highest quality silks, in a variety of proportions and weights with every piece of Fox & Chave silk finished by hand.

Materials: 100% Silk Twill

Dimensions: 150 x 8cm