Peacock Brooch

The Bill Skinner Studio


This lovely brooch by The Bill Skinner Studio is gold plated and set with crystals on regal blue & green enamel.

This statement brooch that celebrates the peacock is the finishing touch for any special outfit. Known for the majestic beauty of their tail feathers, peacocks are treasured in many cultures and religions. Their feathers are seen as auspicious in Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Bill Skinner Studio is a British-based jewellery designer who captures magnificent animals and natural subjects in exquisite detail. Skinner launched his namesake brand with a collection of remarkably charismatic and distinctive pieces in 2012. Inspired by the natural world, the team work from their studio in Kent and hand-carve every delicate piece to ensure that the utmost detail is obtained.

Materials: Gold plated with crystals and hand-painted enamel

Dimensions: 6 x 3cm