Dear Wild Child

by Wallace J. Nichols and Wallace Grayce Nichols

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Dear Wild Child: You Carry Your Home Inside You. A story inspired by a letter from a father to his daughter about wildfire, loss, and learning that we carry our homes inside us wherever we go.

In the shade of ancient redwood trees, by a creek, not far from the ocean, a father builds a house for his newborn daughter, where she grows up wild and strong in their coastal canyon home. When a wildfire takes back their beloved house, a father writes his now-grown daughter a letter telling her it's gone.

Inspired by the real letter the author wrote his daughter, this poignant story ”written together by father and daughter” joyfully declares that a home is more than just wood and stone; it is made of love and can never be taken away. You carry home with you wherever you go.


Book contains: 32 pages.

Dimensions: 25 x 27.5 x 1.2cm