Ashmolean Museum Oxford

The Hieroglyph Game


Republished by the Ashmolean Museum, this popular Oxford Games classic is an entertaining introduction to one of the oldest and most beautiful of written languages.

While no previous knowledge of this ancient script is required, playing the game will help you to recognise a range of common hieroglyphs, making future viewing of Egyptian exhibits even more exciting!

The game involves moving a scarab beetle around the board trying to collect the necessary signs to spell a hieroglyphic word, while trying to prevent your opponents from completing their own words. The colourful game board displays the 24 signs of the basic hieroglyphic alphabet, plus a small selection of the seven hundred other signs used by Ancient Egyptian scribes.

Players: 2-8

Ages: 8+

Time: 20 minutes

Designer: Leslie Scott & Sara Finch

Dimensions: 30.8 × 11.5 × 7.2cm