So You Think You've Got It Bad? by Chae Strathie

by Chae Strathie


A kid's life in ancient Greece might sound like fun, what with all that brilliant sunny weather and watching the Olympic Games, but actually life for kids could be pretty hard.

In this hilarious book, written by award-winning author Chae Strathie, children will learn just how tough life really was, from living on a diet of blood soup whilst wearing nothing but a cloak, to having to learn a poem that was over 15,000 lines long. Thanks, but no thanks, Homer! Probably the first book about ancient Greece to feature a race between a go-kart and a goose, this is a must read for kids with a passion for horrible history.

Illustrated by Marisa Morea.


Book contains: 64 pages.

Dimensions: 22 x 0.8 x 29cm