Aegean Legacies Greek Embroideries

Embroideries from the Greek islands dazzle with their bright colours and charming motifs. This publication reveals little-known pieces from the Ashmolean Museum at the University of Oxford, published here for the first time. The embroideries include fragments of pillowcases, bed valances, tents and curtains, as well as items of dress. Like with all collections of textiles, the story of the Ashmolean holdings is chiefly about their makers and their ingenuity. Once forming the bulk of bridal trousseaux, Greek embroidered textiles were produced and maintained by young and old women for themselves and the house using locally produced materials. A mark of their worth and a platform for self-expression, embroidered textiles also helped Greek women to negotiate their place in the community, signalling status and affiliation.

144 pages, 20x25cm, paperback.

Written by Dr Francesca Leoni, with contributions by Susan Stanton. Produced in collaboration with the Ashmolean Museum.

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Greek island embroideries from the Ashmolean Museum
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