A Life In Chinese Art

Michael Sullivan (1916-2013) was the leading Western authority on art in China in the period since 1900. He first went to China in 1939, driving ambulances for The Red Cross, and returned in 1946 having married his wife Khoan in Chengdu, Sichuan, three years earlier. Michael Sullivan subsequently studied and taught Chinese art history in the universities of London, Harvard, Malaya, Stanford and finally Oxford, in 1985. In 1959 he published Chinese Art in the 20th Century, the first book to address the subject, and he and Khoan together formed one of the most important collections of modern Chinese paintings in private hands.

Michael Sullivan's career spanned seven decades, and the essays in this volume have been written by friends, students and colleagues from every period of his life. A chronology of his life and a complete bibliography of his published works are also included, along with many archival photographs. Shelagh Vainker and Xin Chen are Curator of Chinese Art and Christensen Fellow in Chinese Painting at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

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Discover a career which spanned seven decades.
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