Stradivarius exhibition guide

Stradivarius exhibition guide

Stradivarius exhibition guide

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      • Product Description: Many people have created great individual works of art, but few are called genius. Such title is reserved for those who repeatedly produce astonishing works - each unique, distinctive and bold. Yet the gathered output of such genius is also marked by similarity. Every Mozart symphony stands apart in its excellence of vision and execution. Yet it is also, recognisably, Mozart. So, too, with Antonio Stradivari. Centuries after their creation, each of his instruments remains unsurpassed in quality, style and craftsmanship. And each is recognisably a 'Strad'. This exhibition is the only chance most of us will ever have to compare these masterpieces gathered in such proximity. J & A Beare is delighted to support this exhibition and we thank the Hill family. Their inspired gift enables the public to enjoy such works of genius within the context of the greatest of them all - the 'Messiah'.
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